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tainted_lungs's Journal

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Inhale beauties
Tainted Lungs

[x] You MUST be 14+ to apply
[x] Do not comment on anyone elses post except your own until you've been stamped
[x] No Nudity
[x] Do not promote other communities
[x] Dont fuck with the mods or members
[x] this is a rating community/we will be extremely harsh/ do not apply if you cant take the truth
[x] Applications/pics must be under an lj-cut
[x] Answer all questions on app
[x] If you are rejected you may reapply ONCE after one week
[x] You must post your app 24 hours into joining // stalkers scare me
[x] Opinion answers do not have to be long
[x] Dont suck up to the mods but be respectful // fakes are not appriciated
[x] Put "breathe deep" in the subject line so we know you read the rules

[x] First 5 applicants are auto-accepted
[x] Do not discriminate on other peoples opinions
[x] Promote! Promote!
[x] Put YES or NO in the subject line
[x] Give reasons for your vote
[x] piXs should be under lj-cut
[x]please post whatever you want in here; there is no reason for text only posts
[x] Any questions you can contact me or one of your other mods

1) _ohfosho

2) extrovertedhero
3) fecal_in_origin
4) silhouettelies9
5) _gleekgleek_

[x] Name
[x] Age:
[x] location:
[x] sex:
[x] nationality:
[x] drink/smoke:
[x] Where did you hear about this community:

[x] movies:
[x] books:
[x] song:
[x] 5 bands:
[x] 3 bands that suck:
[x] food:
[x] color:
[x] 5 things you like:
[x] 5 things you dislike:
[x] sports:
[x] interesting facts:
[x] promote us // show link..(links will be checked)


[x] Racism
[x] Abortion
[x] Gay Marriage
[x] Labels
[x] Our president

Word Association:
(first word that comes to mind)


3-5 head/body shots





80's, 80's music, addiction, aim, alanis morisette, alcohol, alcoholic, angelina jolie, angels, anti-depressants, arguing, avril, babies, balloons, bands, belly button rings, billy idol, billy joel, birthdays, black, black and white pictures, black eyeliner, black roses, blood, braids, brand new, britney spears, broadway, bruce springstein, bubblegum, candles, candy necklaces, catherine-zeta jones, chicago, chinese, christina ricci, christmas, cigarettes, converse sneakers, cool breeze, crying, cuddling, curious, cutting, dancing in the rain, dashboard confessionals, delaware, depression, dmb, dreaming, dreams, drinking, drug abuse, drugs, drunk, dying my hair, ekssbp, elton john, eminem, english, flirting, freaky friday, friends, girls, good charlotte, guitar, hooded sweatshirts, hoodies, hot pink, ice, ice cream cake, ice cubes, imaginary friends, incubus, jewel, jim carey, john couger, johnny depp, journals, kate hudson, kissing, liar liar, lindsay lohan, lipgloss, love spell, madonna, makeup, malibu, movies, mtv, music, my cell phone, my chemical romance, nightmares, no doubt, park ridge, parties, passing out, pictures, pink, pitching, poetry, puppies, purple, rain, rainbow, rainy days, razors, reeses, roses, saftey pins, sarah mclachlan, saturday night live, senses failed, shopping, showers, shrinks, singing, sleeping, smiling, smoking, softball, sports, spring, stars, suicide, tanning, terms of endierment, the big chill, the city, the ocean, the used, thirteen, time square, tounge rings, walking, white oleander, wildwood, winnie the pooh, writing