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breathe deep*

[x] Name: jill
[x] Age: 16
[x] location:river vale
[x] sex:female
[x] nationality:irish dutch norweigan native american
[x] drink/smoke:yes/yes
[x] Where did you hear about this community:sam

[x] movies:fight club, a clockwork orange, requiem for a dream, bully, the notebook, lost boys,
[x] books:perks of being a wallflower, dominion, reviving ophelia, the da vinci code
[x] song:wonderwall- oasis, war all the time- thursday
[x] 5 bands:thursday, glassjaw, radiohead, brand new, underOATH, the smashing pumpkins(sorry i had to put 6)
[x] 3 bands that suck:metallica, creed, icp
[x] food: mangoes, mac n cheese, apples&peanut butter
[x] color: dark red
[x] 5 things you like: marlboro reds, kissing, summer, diners, jared leto
[x] 5 things you dislike: hate edge kids, cafeteria food, people who brag about everything, greek olives, being sick
[x] sports: football, hockey, dance
[x] interesting facts: people who smoke cigarettes generally live two years longer than those who dont.
[x] promote us // show link..(links will be checked):

yeah, my photobucket is fucked up.


[x] Racism: an excuse for people to be unsatisfyed with their own status.
[x] Abortion: rough situation, it could go so many ways. i figure if you put effort into being careful and so everything in your power to have safe sex and you STILL get pregnant i think its your choice but you do have to accept the fact that youre preventing life in the process. but if you're going to be careless about it then the choice shouldnt be an option. i could go on for days.
[x] Gay Marriage: homosexuality isnt something you chose to be, so why should the government be telling gays that its unlawful for them to want to rightfully spend the rest of their lives with someone in wedlock. people are just fucking closed minded.
[x] Labels: too much effort is put into telling people not to "label everyone" when it actually shouldnt even be a problem. people are people, theyre gunna get label by someone no matter what theyre doing so why cant people stop worrying about it.
[x] Our president: cliche.

Word Association:
(first word that comes to mind)

boys: confusing
apple: chris martin and gwenth paltrow
snow: outside
love: hopeless
sky: reflection
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