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Breathe Deep

[x] Name: Laura
[x] Age: 17
[x] location: burlington, ontario canada
[x] sex: female
[x] nationality:
[x] drink/smoke: sometimes/ yes!
[x] Where did you hear about this community: on another community

[x] movies: the sixth sense, hackers, empire records, sixteen candles
[x] books: White Oleander, Cherry , Catcher in The Rye
[x] song: Marcello- rosesdead
[x] 5 bands: Rosesdead, alexisonfire, My chemical Romance, Incubus, Senses Fail
[x] 3 bands that suck: Good Charlotte, Nickleback, Three Days grace
[x] food: PASTA!!!!
[x] color: Pink and Black.
[x] 5 things you like: boys, cigarettes, my car, the mall, friends
[x] 5 things you dislike: racist people, conformity, school, meat, peas
[x] sports: hockey, tennis
[x] interesting facts: i'm 5'10"
[x] promote us // show link..(links will be checked)


[x] Racism against, everyone is equal in everyway it doesn't matter what race you are
[x] Abortion depends on situation. If you are ayoung person that has no way of being able to care for the child then i think that it is ok, but if you are just a skank and sleep around a lot then i think that it is a little wrong
[x] Gay Marriage for. I say again eveyone is equal.
[x] Labels unsure. Meh if you label people then obviously you label yourself. I know that most people don't like to be labelled a certian way
[x] Our president unsure. I am canadian so i don't know much about american politics. But from what i have seen and heard i don't like him very much

Word Association:
(first word that comes to mind)

boys: hot
apple: crunchy
snow: ice
love: boys
sky: clouds

3-5 head/body shots
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